After African-American Becomes Offended Over Cotton – ‘Old White Dude’ Silences Her with One Photo

After African-American Becomes Offended Over Cotton Old White Dude Silences Her with One Photo

The lefties are pretty much offended by every little thing of our existence. Lately, decorative cotton seems to have become a thorn in everyone’s eyes. The entire affair began as an African-American girl got offended by decorative cotton sold by Hobby Lobby, never expecting the ‘white guy’ to teach her a valuable lesson in return. What he did was, he posted a photo on Facebook, grabbing everyone’s attention instantly.

It all started when Danielle Rider demanded of Hobby Lobby to withdraw decorative cotton from stock, stating the ornament is purely racist. A group of students complained about the very thing after being accommodated in a Lipscomb Universtiy house decorated with the ‘problematic’ cotton.

Therefore, the university president in Tennessee was forced to offer apologies for ‘forcing’ the students to endure such unpleasantries.

Randy Lowry, president of Lipscomb University, escorted black students around the house, decorated in some aspects with cotton, which immediately reminded the group of racism.

“The content of the centerpieces was offensive, and I could have handled the situation with more sensitivity,” said Lowry. “I sincerely apologize for the discomfort, anger or disappointment we caused and solicit your forgiveness.”

That is the exact time when Frank Jones, who calls himself an “old white dude,” shared a family photo on Facebook, in which the white family was snapped picking cotton in the deep South.

“This is for all those black college kids who were so offended by the cotton centerpiece. My guess is not a single one has ever been in a cotton field,” Jones captioned the photo. “Well, folks this is what it looks like to crop cotton. Grew up doing this. Started picking cotton at age 6. Worked our farm and worked for neighbors farms. Did I mention some were black? Didn’t matter when you had to get the crop in. All by hand so we helped each other. Black and white we worked together, ate together and shared the same water jug,” he added.

The post has since been set up to ‘Private.’

“Yes, I am white. Yes, I am a proud son of the South. Yes, I grew up eating what those college kids called ‘black food’ as if they even knew ‘soul food’ is what everyone in the South ate,” he added. “Tonight I’m having pork butts, mustard greens, black eye peas, and cornbread. So how about shut the hell up and grow up.”

The post earned him more than 45,000 shares, which made him beyond satisfied.

“Couple of folks think I was off base with that post but most understood my intent. No black person I grew up working with ever mentioned anything about cotton reminding them of slavery. And yes, we talked about the Civil War and about the then policy of segregation.”

“It was the segregated South but not in the cotton fields or the one general store we had or in our conversations. We all had [hoped] it would change one day,” he continued.

Next time someone complains about racism and cotton, make sure you show them Frank Jones’ family photo. Hardworking people of America made sure to set up values and principles for themselves and their families, and they should never be exposed to discrimination of this sort. At times, stories like this one make you wonder who the real discriminator in America truly is. As time goes by, the tides are turning, and it is becoming obvious that race is building a wall between communities in America like never before. But, before it’s too late, let’s ask ourselves- who is actually insiting on building that wall?

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