An Act of Class: Donald Trump Shuts Leftist Media by Tweeting Warm Farewell to Remarkable Sean Spicer

An Act of Class Donald Trump Shuts Leftist Media by Tweeting Warm Farewell to Remarkable Sean Spicer

President Donald Trump posted a tweet with a sincere message about the now former Press Secretary Sean Spicer Friday evening. It is so good to see that there is no bitterness of feeling between them.

It was reported that President Trump has asked Spicer to keep his position as a Press Secretary, but he declined this offer after Anthony Scaramucci was named Communications Director.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders who is now the Press Secretary read a statement from Trump at today’s press briefing.

In the statement, Trump wrote that he was grateful for Spicer’s work and that he wished him a great success in his pursuit of new opportunities. He also mentioned Spicer’s television ratings as a proof of his quality.

Spicer is set to continue at his post as a press secretary through August when Sanders will take over his position. Spicer has resigned from his post after Anthony Scaramucci, who is an investment-firm founder and top Trump donor and surrogate, revealed that he will join
the White House as a communications director on Friday.

Sanders also read Trump’s statement on Scaramucci at the press briefing where he says that Scaramucci is a person he has a great respect for, that he has been a great supporter and will now help with the implementation of the crucial aspects of the agenda in the
communications team. Trump also blamed the media that they report impartially and that the people still get the right information despite that.

The Gateway Pundit said that Anthony Scaramucci’s first day in his new position was successful, and his performance was assessed as smooth by both critics and supporters.

The Daily Caller said that Scaramucci left a good impression with the media in his first appearance as White House communications director.

Scaramucci was confident while speaking and later he called as many reporters as possible, and he even sent an air kiss to the media. The media described him as a smooth speaker and greeted his comfortable style of speaking.

The Boston Globe’s DC bureau chief Matt Viser said that Scaramucci proved why Trump chose him as he was smooth and soft-spoken, but also lighthearted and optimistic.

Dana Bash who is a CNN anchor characterised him as “smooth as silk as a talker.”

David Catanese also said that if he continues to be as smooth as this, it will be very good for him, the president and the media.

Washington Post reporter Ashley Parker also shared the opinion of most reporters that he had a very smooth on-camera debut.

Scaramucci even had several blows to the liberal press when they tried to bring up the subject of Russia and its meddling into the presidential elections.

Scaramucci said that he does not want to take any questions that are related to the subject of Russia. Well played!

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