Accident Sends Groom’s Body Through Roof. But At ER, DRs Reveal Paralyzing News About His Bride

Accident Sends Grooms Body Through Roof But At ER DRs Reveal Paralyzing News About His Bride

Anna Claire and James (or Jimbo) Waldrop have been a couple since sixth grade. They have gone through life together, always being there for one another.

As seniors at Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi, the couple got engaged. They were excited to spend the rest of their lives together.

On Valentine’s Day of 2016, Anna Claire and Jimbo attended a party together in their hometown. On the way home from that party, their lives changed dramatically.

A drunk driver crashed into their car, sending Jimbo through the sunroof. He came away from the accident with only minor injuries, while Anna Claire did not have such luck.

Despite the car flipping multiple times before landing upside down, Anna Claire remained in her seat with her seat belt on. However, the injuries she sustained were severe.

Anna Claire suffered a broken neck, which in turn left her a quadriplegic. The once able 24-year-old would now need a wheelchair to get around.

To help her get through this difficult life change, Anna Claire looked to her wedding as a comfort. “I knew my wedding was coming up and I didn’t want to change the date, it pushed me to recover,” she said.

Jimbo visited Anna Claire in the hospital as much as he could while she was recovering. He learned to be her primary caretaker for when the couple lived on their own after the wedding.

When the wedding day finally arrived, the whole event went off without a hitch. The love that this long-time couple shared was evident in their interactions with one another.

Jimbo could not help but gush over how beautiful his bride was. “When I saw her in the wedding dress, it was a million times more than I expected. I couldn’t believe it. It was such a blessing,” he said.

Anna Claire hopes to use her story as a way to deter people from drinking and driving. However, as much as she has lost from that driver, she has gained so much more from Jimbo and his love.

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