ABC Ran Fake Story That Tanked Stock Market, Issued “Clarification” Too Late

ABC Ran Fake Story That Tanked Stock Market Issued Clarification Too Late

Since President Donald Trump took office, the Dow Jones has not stopped rising. After months of Democrat predictions that a Trump presidency would throw the U.S. into another depression, 12 straight months of winning has exposed them for the fear mongers they are.

As we all know, Democrats quickly shifted their strategy, accusing Trump of being a traitor who “conspired with the Russians.”

So when ABC News released a bombshell report that confirmed Trump’s guilt, it was a Democrat’s dream come true. ABC was not only confirming that Trump ordered contact with the Russians, but even claimed there’s enough proof to kick him out of the White House. Even the word “treason” was being thrown around by excited leftists. To them, this would be Trump’s day of reckoning.

After the report, the stock market that was on a non-stop, rocket-like trajectory since Trump was elected took one of its first major blows. The idea that Trump might no longer be president was real enough for the market to not only take notice, but to respond violently.

See the chart below:

The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped like a rock, shedding 300 points in less than 20 minutes. Panicked sales flooded the floor as traders responded to the ABC report. It was a very present reality that the stock market could return to pre-Trump stagnation.

Quietly, rumors started to filter in that ABC was planning to “clarify” their story, changing not only the tone of it, but the entire message. The Dow Jones evened out while Wall Street held its breath. Finally, almost nine hours after the original report, ABC issued a correction.

Now, instead of a groundbreaking account that had caught Trump red handed in treasonous activity, the report was edited down to show the truth: The only communication Trump directed with the Russians was to repair diplomatic ties that were left to rot by the Obama administration. Trump sought ways to heal the damage and to tackle issues faced by both countries, like working together to defeat ISIS.

The original ABC tweets were quickly deleted, but it was too late. The original “bombshell” tweet got 25,000 retweets, while the final clarification had less than 3,000.

ABC has done their damage. Countless dollars were lost, and the market confirmed what conservatives already knew: The reason for the year of record-shattering highs was thanks to Donald Trump.

Trump has been the target of fake news since he announced his intention to run for president. Smear campaigns, sexual assault allegations and claims of racism all hit Trump and rolled away like water off a duck. As stalwart, resolute, and sometimes downright stubborn as our president is, this is his greatest weapon against fake news. He won’t apologize for something he didn’t do for fear of nastier and more vile articles targeted against him. Instead, Trump weathers the storm that is the mainstream media, often leaving them embarrassed and exposed.

This is just the latest example of the damage fake news can do. Honest mistakes happen, but this was no mistake. It was sensationalism of an outright lie, and the American people suffered for it.

ABC and others like them need to be held accountable for the damage done by false reports and fake news.

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