ABC News Prog Adds New Piece to Set to Hide Host’s “Problem” From Viewers

ABC News Prog Adds New Piece to Set to Hide Hosts Problem From Viewers

An insider has revealed that ABC’s newest set design change came about because “someone” perceived George Stephanopoulous’ height as distracting to viewers. While it is clear to us that height is not important in the world of news reporting, apparently the folks over at ABC care more about the aesthetics of their hosts than the actual reporting of the truth.

According to New York Post Page Six writer Mara Siegler, an insider revealed that the table for ABC’s “Good Morning America” was redesigned to hide the fact that George Stephanopoulos is much shorter than two of his co-hosts.

The original design of the table was see-through but apparently because Stephanopoulos’  “little-boyish mini-legs” could be seen, the programs’ creators decided to revamp the table to hide what they saw as a problem.

“He’s 5-foot-6 and is dwarfed by human trees Robin Roberts and Michael Strahan… ‘GMA’ initially thought using an anchor desk with elevated chairs would help the problem. Still awkward, George’s little-boyish mini-legs were seen dangling,” the insider revealed.

So about a month after being distracted by the “visible and awkward” legs of Stephanopoulos, “GMA” added a silver panel across the front of the table right where his legs stop.

Now, let’s break this down. Apparently, ABC cares that Stephanopoulos is short, but why? Is it a requirement to be tall in order to report the news?

No, it’s not. But because the 5- foot-7 Stephanopoulos is “dwarfed” by his co-hosts, 5-foot-10 Robin Roberts and 6-foot-5 Michael Strahan, ABC must have felt that its viewers would be paying more attention to his looks than what was coming out of his mouth. (That says more about ABC than it does about the network’s viewers.)

This is a news show right? If viewers are more concerned with what the hosts look like versus what is actually being reported, then it points at a much more serious problem that ABC’s “GMA” has… the lack of serious journalism.

Apparently, Stephanopoulos’ height is all anyone at ABC is talking about. In 2010 rumors abounded that Roberts wore high heels around the host in order to show “a sign of power.” That same year according to Wet Paint, there were rumors that he had been given a booster seat to be seen as the same height as Roberts.

In 2011, there was gossip about Stephanopoulos being swapped out for 6-foot-3 Josh Elliot because he looked nicer next to Roberts, according to Page Six.

Here’s the kicker though: Stephanopoulos isn’t even the shortest person on the show. According to The Daily Mail Stephanopoulos is “in the middle of the ‘GMA’ height range, below Robin Roberts and Michael Strahan but above Lara Spencer and Amy Robach.”

Here’s an idea, ABC guys… Put Strahan and Roberts on the outer edges of the table, Spencer and Robach next to each of them, and put Stephanopoulos in the middle… if height is that important to you.

But seriously… it’s not important to news reporting and this is just absolutely silly.

ABC and its ragingly liberal bosses should have a lot more important things to worry about.

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