ABC Claims Muslim Persecution by Christians Is a Massive Problem

ABC Claims Muslim Persecution by Christians Is a Massive Problem

In response to a Fox News report about the persecution faced by Christians across the globe, ABC News political analyst Matthew Dowd decided to tweet some fake news Friday by claiming that the alleged persecution faced by Muslims in America outweighs the former.

“Maybe you can talk about the bigger problem which is persecution of Muslims in America and around the globe,” Dowd tweeted to Fox News’ journalist Shannon Bream after she shared a story about the growing persecution of Christians across the globe. “Bigger issue.”

“Muslims are threatened every day in America, by right wing Christian extremists,” he added in another immensely stupid tweet.

For a so-called “political analyst,” Dowd sure knows very little.

For one, FBI reports have repeatedly shown that Jews remain the largest target of anti-religious hate crimes in America. And yet neither Dowd nor his peers in the liberal media ever talk about the Jewish community much. Why is that?

Moreover, a report earlier this year from the Italy-based Center for Studies on New Religions revealed that “Christians continued to be the most persecuted group across the globe in 2016” for the second straight year, as reported four months ago by Fox News.

Plus, trying to draw a comparison between the limited hate crimes — many of them fake hate crimes — experienced by Muslims in America and the kidnappings, rapes, torture and murder frequently endured by Christians across the globe is simply insane.

Washington Free Beacon reporter Alex Griswold said it best in a series Twitter postings: “Here’s a fun experiment: convert to Islam in the West. Then, move to the Middle East and convert to Christianity. Compare the reaction.”

Warning: Griswold’s experiment might get you killed.

Take a look at his tweets below:

Writing for NewsBusters, media analyst Kristine March further highlighted the gross differences between Muslim persecution in America and Christian persecution across the globe (but particularly so in the Middle East) by asking a series of questions:

“Mr. Dowd, are Muslims worshipping in underground mosques in the United States? Do they face stoning or beheading for their allegiance to Allah? Are their mosques bombed routinely on their most holy day of the year?”

The answer to each, of course, is a resounding no. The statistics show that Muslims definitely experience some levels of harassment and abuse in the United States, but nowhere near what ABC News political analyst and fake news producer extraordinaire Matthew Dowd claimed.

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