73 Years After Being Saved From Nazis, Jewish Man Repays US Soldiers

73 Years After Being Saved From Nazis Jewish Man Repays US Soldiers

It’s become a bit of a popular fad to see the United States as a villain.

In the media and forums like the U.N., foreigners often criticize America for not “minding its own business.”

On city streets and even in football stadiums, protesters disparage the flag and insist that “America was never great.“

That view is all too common these days, but is it true? One Holocaust survivor certainly doesn’t believe it, and he just put his money where his mouth is.

By all rights, Bernard Darty shouldn’t have survived World War II. When he was just a boy, he and his relatives fled Poland for the safety of France.

It didn’t work: Hitler’s Germany invaded France shortly after, and then began the deadly “final solution” against the Jews… including Darty’s family.

“On one night, with the aid of French police, the Nazis gained 13,000 more Jews for their concentration camps,” explained the Independent Journal Review.

One of those was Bernard Darty’s mother. She was arrested and most likely died in Auschwitz. The young boy never saw his mother again.

“I was 7, and for the next two years, I lived on borrowed time, shielded by other families on the outskirts of Paris,” the survivor wrote for Fox News.

“The same was true for my future wife, who was also a child in hiding. If the war had continued much longer, we would not have survived,” he admitted.

Salvation came in the form of soldiers wearing G.I. helmets and American flags.

“The gratitude I feel to these men is beyond words. They freed our country and they saved our lives,” Darty explained. “Without American troops, my family and I simply would not have existed. I think of that every time I look at our family photos.”

After the war, Darty did more than just survive. He thrived, and built a wildly successful home appliance business with his brothers.

Now 83, the one-time boy who evaded the Nazis has a lot of success to look back on, but he also has a heart full of gratitude.

“I had not yet given back to the American soldiers who saved my life nearly three-quarters of a century ago,” Darty explained. He decided to do something about that.

The Holocaust survivor-turned businessman just donated $1 million to American veterans, with the sum being split between the Wounded Warrior Project and the Services for Armed Forces program of the American Red Cross.

“They pursue the tradition of the young men who landed on the shores of Normandy in June 1944 and who I will never forget,” he declared.

“In giving this donation, I want to thank Americans with all my heart for coming to rescue us in our hour of need.”

It’s incredibly refreshing to be reminded that the United States has played a dramatically positive role in the world… and at the center of that history are American servicemen and women.

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