2 Women Break into Keanu Reeves’ Home. Instead of Calling Cops, He Writes Them Note

2 Women Break into Keanu Reeves Home Instead of Calling Cops He Writes Them Note

It’s no wonder that people consider Keanu Reeves something of a tough guy. Just take a look at the 53-year-old actor’s filmography.

For every romantic comedy such as “Sweet November” or “A Walk in the Clouds” that highlighted the actor’s perpetually youthful good looks, there’s a down-and-dirty action flick like “Point Break,” “The Matrix,” or “John Wick.”

In real life, though, Reeves seems a mild-mannered guy, at least if one woman’s account is to be believed.

Just consider what happened to Chris Johnston, a woman from Seminole, Florida, who was visiting California back in 1990. She’d traveled to the Golden State with her cousin to watch her boyfriend perform in a softball competition.

Celebrity-filled California can seem a heady place to someone who hasn’t spent time there, and Johnston and her cousin must’ve gotten a little giddy with the thought of seeing stars.

And there was one actor in particular they wanted to see: Keanu Reeves.

It was the year after “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” was released, and Reeves must’ve seemed the epitome of California cool. What Johnston and her cousin decided to do, though, was anything but.

The two girls gathered up their nerve and hopped over the actor’s fence. Then they strode up to his front door and started banging on it.

Celebrities lead different lives than we do. Sure, they make bank and are the face of glamor, but they also have to deal with challenges such as tabloid cruelty — and intrusive fans.

When Reeves answered the door, he would’ve been well within his rights to call 911. After all, Johnston and her cousin were trespassing.

“After we told him the story and asked him not to call the police, he invited us in, gave us a beer and spoke with us,” Johnston recalled. “I told him how I was there for my boyfriend’s softball tournament and … (he) wrote (a) note for Ned and I (with) best wishes to him in the softball tournament. …

“If this happened today, I am not sure the outcome would be the same. It was a calmer time, and I also think a more innocent time.”

Reeves’ actions not only showed his graciousness, but also earned him a fan for life. From that time on, Johnston pledged to see each and every film he was in.

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