12-Year-Old Begs Neighbor for Help While Murderer Drowns Twins in Tub. Grabs Gun, Sprints Next Door

12-Year-Old Begs Neighbor for Help While Murderer Drowns Twins in Tub Grabs Gun Sprints Next Door

Friday, June 2 turned out to be a horrific day for Ada, Oklahoma resident Michelle Sorrells. As she watched her 3-month-old fraternal twins and 12-year-old niece, her babies’ father entered her home in a rage.

Sorrells told KOKO-TV that she felt herself get “plowed into” after she went to go answer her front door. The frightened mom remembered seeing the dad, 37-year-old Leland Foster, rush pass her and toward the children’s pack-n-play.

What happened next forced Sorrells to fight for the twins’ lives. Foster went to the bathroom and attempted to drown the baby boy and girl in the tub.

“I managed to go forward and grab my son out of the bathtub,” the mom recalled. “He was face-down in the water.”

Sorrells fought as hard as she could to protect her two children, but was hit with several blows. “I remember thinking, I’ve got to keep hitting him,” she said, according to KXII-TV.

In the course of the confrontation, Foster strangled the protective mom and apparently stabbed her as well. Sorrells’ niece eventually ran next door to Cash Freeman’s home.

The 12-year-old begged the nearby neighbor for help, and that’s when he grabbed his gun and sprinted to the mom’s house. Sorrells said she heard “two pops” inside her home as Freeman fatally shot Foster to death.

The incident ended with the death of the attacker, but the twins were said to be doing okay. “I guess the thought of not having me or his children in his life for a while made him snap,” Sorrells mentioned.

Following the shooting, reports said Freeman was very concerned about being in trouble, although police say it was a “justifiable homicide.” The twins’ step-grandfather, Jeremy Burris, was saddened that Freeman would have to live the rest of his life knowing he killed someone to protect someone else.

“Nobody should have to go through this at all,” he said with remorse. “I’m just glad that my granddaughter was able to get help and our guardian angel was our neighbor.”

Summer Pierce, a resident in the neighborhood, told KFOR-TV that Freeman did the right thing given the circumstances. She said, “Because who knows what would have happened to the babies if he hadn’t intervened.”

As sad as the situation turned out, the family was very thankful that no innocent lives were lost. While the twins lost their father in a tragic event, they have also gained a hero.

“He saved me and my babies’ lives,” Sorrells said of the brave and selfless man. “There won’t be a day that goes by when I don’t thank him for that.”

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Source: liftable.com